When Do Traeger Grills Go on Sale?

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Traeger grills are an excellent choice for outdoor cooking because they cook amazing barbecue and are easy to use. 

My only complaint about Traeger barbecues is that they’re expensive. 

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Traeger grill but aren’t sure when they go on sale, this guide is for you. 

When Do Traeger Grills Go on Sale?

Traeger grills usually go on sale during Father’s Day and Black Friday. When Traeger grills go on sale, you can usually save $100 to $200 and sometimes get a bag of pellets and a cover for free.

The savings aren’t that great compared to some Traeger grills’ $1,000 to $2,000 price range.

You might be lucky if you shop at various local stores that are clearing out their old inventory during the holidays. 

You may also find a cheap Traeger with a scratch and dent at Home Depot.

Except for those few occasions, you must pay the total price if you want to buy a Traeger grill. 

Traeger Grills Today’s Amazon Sales

The best Traeger grill deals change daily, so I can’t tell you which grills are now on sale at what price, but you can check them out on Amazon.

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When Do Traeger Grills Go on Sale at Home Depot?

Traegers are usually on sale at Home Depot after Christmas to get rid of old stock. 

I recommend checking the store’s sale section after Christmas to see if they have any deals on Traeger smokers.

Traeger Grills Ever Go on Sale at Costco?

Traegers can be expensive, but there is one location where you can purchase them for a much more reasonable price, and they sometimes have promotions to reduce the cost further. 

That store is Costco. Costco is the official distributor of Traeger grills. 

Traeger grills are often discounted at Costco’s road shows or special events.

If you compare the grills sold at Costco to those sold at Amazon or Home Depot, you’ll notice that the Costco models might lack a few features here and there. 

Even if they are still decent grills, you should check to see if they are lacking something important to you. For example, some models do not have a top rack or pellet sensor. 

The Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 is on sale

Is the Traeger Grill Worth It?

Using a Traeger grill is a terrific experience because it cooks delicious food and is easy to use.

Even so, their prices are higher than average, and you can get more for your money with other Traeger alternatives.

You will get a fantastic grill if you get a Traeger, but it won’t be cheap. You can learn more about why Traeger grills are so expensive


Pellet grilling is one of my favorite ways to prepare food, and I can see why it is becoming increasingly popular. Traeger was the exclusive manufacturer of pellet grills for many years, thanks to their ownership of the pellet grill patents.

Several Traeger competitors are available on the market, and many are pretty good.

Check out our comparison guides to learn more about your other options for pellet grills.