T-Bone vs. Porterhouse Steak: Which is Better?

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Although both the Porterhouse and the T-bone come from the short loin, these two steaks are not the same thickness.
Butchers separate porterhouse steaks from the bigger end of the tenderloin steak cut.
A T-bone steak is a cut of meat from the thigh that is situated on the bone close to the sirloin. There is no comparison in terms of taste, texture, or cost between the two. Among these, which one do you intend to pick?
The pros and downsides of T-Bone steak and porterhouse steak in terms of texture, price range, taste, etc., have been studied at length by our knowledgeable researchers.

Quick Summary

  • Both steaks are made from different cuts of meat; they’re distinguished by their names.
  • The Porterhouse steak is hidden behind the short loins.
  • Porterhouse steak prices are higher than most other steakhouses. They also contain a larger portion of the filet.
  • T-bone steaks take less time to cook than most cuts of beef.

There are differences between porterhouse steaks and T-bone steaks.

Cut from the short loin, beef steaks like the T-bone and porterhouse are a culinary delight. There is meat on both sides of the “T” shaped bone in both steaks. The tenderloin steak is larger on porterhouse steaks because they are cut from the back of the short loin, which also yields a sizable strip steak on the other side of the bone. T-bone steaks have less tenderloin since they are sliced from the meat closer to the front of the animal.

Experts can’t seem to agree on how big the tenderloin needs to be to distinguish a T-bone steak from a porterhouse. 

The USDA’s Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications indicate that the thickest part of a porterhouse tenderloin must be at least 1.25 inches (32 mm) across, while a T-bone tenderloin must be at least 0.5 inches (13 mm) across (13 mm). Tenderloin steaks are actually porterhouse, but the term “T-bone” is commonly used in restaurants and steakhouses.

Similarities between these cuts

From an untrained perspective, T-bones and Porterhouses look similar. Both have a distinctive T-shaped rib cage, and they’re both cut from the short loin.

Both T-bone and Porterhouse steaks have the New York strip cut on one side of the rib and a filet (or filets) on the other. But the latter is a larger steak than the former.

Are a porterhouse steak and a T-bone steak the same thing?

Porterhouse tenderloins and T-bones are cuts of meat from the same side of the animal (the loins), but they are different types of cuts.

Both steaks have T-shaped bones, but they will taste differently because of the extra filets on the porterhouse steak.

We’ve already discussed why the porterhouse steak needs to contain at least 1.25″ of filet, so let’s move on to the T-bone steak. A T-bone steak can’t be thicker than 0.25″, but if there are two steaks cut side-by-side from the same short loin, they would be classified differently (see below).


  • The short loin can be cut into both porterhouse and T-bone steaks, but these two cuts are otherwise distinct.
  • They’re also made from different ingredients.
  • The Porterhouse steak is 1.25 inches long, and the T-bone steak must be at least 0.25 inches thick.

What meat cut is better for you?

A porterhouse is a large strip steak that comes from the rear part of the short ribs, including more filets.

The tenderloin has fewer calories than its T-bone cousin, making it a healthier choice. Over time, eating tenderloins will yield better health benefits than eating T-bones.

For medium rare, the USDA says to cook it until it has an internal temperature of 125°F.

Which steak would you prefer: T-bone or porterhouse?

Porterhouse steak is best for people who want less fat than T-bone steak.

Depending on your taste, prime meat is usually beef from the short loins that are attached to the ribs.

Other considerations include that a T-bone is smaller than a porterhouse steak, which means it will cook faster. Meanwhile, the porterhouse steak satisfies a larger appetite because it is bigger.


  • If you don’t want too much fat, T-bone steak is the answer. The porterhouse steak will cost more per pound than the T-bone.
  • Prices for these steak products vary depending on where you buy them and if they’re on sale.
  • A porterhouse steak is a larger, more expensive cut of beef than a New York steak.
  • This larger piece of meat can cost anywhere from $10 to $25.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare These Beef Cuts?

To cook these beef cuts properly, grill them.

The direct heat method will create a nice sear on the meat and allow for a perfect medium-rare cut of beef. When cooking steaks, remember that your pan must be hot enough for you to hear the sizzle of the meat. Because the porterhouse steak has more filets than rib sections, more time and effort goes into preparing this meat.

Sous vide steaks are usually cooked for a long time (often 60 minutes) at a low temperature to make them tender and flavorful. The Porterhouse steak will be rested before cooking in a hot pan.


  • You don’t want to overcook a steak; otherwise, it won’t be tender enough.
  • Cook the steak to medium rare and serve it with a side of mashed potatoes.
  • Sous vide Porterhouse steak is a good way to cook one.

Should I prepare a T-bone or a porterhouse steak for dinner tonight?

A large steak is usually enough for two people. If you want to impress someone, go for high-quality ingredients.
A T-bone steak will be easier to prepare and less expensive to feed an entire household than a porterhouse steak. Anyway, these two steaks from the butcher shop are some of the best cuts you’ll ever taste.