Ribeye vs. New York Strip: Which Should You Choose?

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The ribeye steak is the most prestigious cut of steak. They’re leaner, tastier, and cheaper than most steaks. But how do you choose between ribeye and NY strip?

There are two main types of beef cuts available from the butcher counter: ribeye and NY strip. Both are great choices, but which should you order? In this article, I’ll compare the pros and cons of each cut and help you decide which one is right for you.

Ribeye vs. New York Strip: What’s the Difference?

When compared to the ribeye, the New York strip has a much thinner and less obvious band of fat running down one side. Even if you overcook ribeye, it’s still easy to cook. New York strip, on the other hand, can be hard to cook right because it doesn’t have marbling.

When ordering ribeye, ask for it boneless, while a New York strip should be ordered boneless. Unlike the ribeye, which is soft all the way through thanks to its higher fat content, the New York strip is chewier.

The ribeye has a more tender texture and more marbling than the New York strip because it is cut from the rib section at the front of the longissimus dorsi muscle, while the New York strip is taken from the loin section at the back of the muscle.

What is a Ribeye Steak

Ribeye is a steak cut that originates from the cow’s upper rib cage, in a primal portion known as the beef rib. The longissimus dorsi muscle runs through the steak and adds to the high fat content. The muscle in this cut sees very little action, making for a juicy and soft steak. Ribeye can come with or without the bone, though the latter is more usual.

Ribeye steaks have a lot of marbling, which contributes to their rich, flavorful texture. A flavor so delicious, you won’t be able to put it down. Ribeye is the king of steaks when it comes to flavor and tenderness. The more marbling a steak has, the more tasty and juicy it will be.

Ribeye steak is known for its tender, buttery texture. The grain is finessed in the steak’s central eye, while it is more open in the spinalis. According to most steak experts and steak enthusiasts, it has a buttery smooth texture.

How To Cook Ribeye Steak

A ribeye steak is at its finest when cooked over charcoal in a cast-iron pan using the reverse sear technique. Steaks that are two inches or more in thickness, bone-in ribeyes, cook best when broiled. Cooking a bone-in ribeye takes a little more effort than usual since the meat near the bone cooks more slowly. Use the meat thermometer to check the steak’s internal temperature at regular intervals.

Ribeye Steak Prices

The price per pound for ribeye steak typically ranges from $13 to $15. In other cases, such as during peak seasons or with certain vendors, the price may go significantly higher.

You can find ribeye steak in any grocery store, butcher shop, or on the websites of specialty food retailers.

What is a New York Strip Steak

At the top of the short loin, just behind the ribs, is where you’ll find New York strip steaks. The longissimus muscle is the main muscle that gives steak its taste and texture. Because the muscles didn’t have to work very hard, the steak is very soft and has fat both inside the muscle and around the outside.

The great flavor that is characteristic of ribeye steak is not quite as present in a NY strip steak since it is not as well-marbled as ribeye. That doesn’t, however, negate the fact that it’s delicious. It’s less fatty than traditional roasts but yet has a deep, satisfying flavor and plenty of juicy texture. Like the ribeye steak, it comes from the longissimus muscle, although it has a somewhat different flavor profile.

When done right, the fine grain texture of New York strip steaks is delicious.

How To Cook New York Strip Steak

To get the most flavor out of a New York strip steak, grilling or pan-frying are your best bets. As a juicy cut of meat, it can easily become dry and chewy if overcooked. There is less risk of overcooking and drying out a thick steak if you accidentally leave it over the heat for too long.

New York Strip Steak Prices

New York strip steak normally costs between $13.50 and $15.50 per pound, though this might vary based on the time of year and the seller.

A New York strip steak is best purchased from a specialty meat market or a local butcher. Knowing you got your money’s worth out of a pricey steak is important.

Ribeye vs. New York Strip: Which Should You Choose?

Both have good points, and because taste is so important, it’s hard to argue about which is better. There are those who prefer their steaks on the lean side, while others want theirs well marbled. 

The strip steak and the ribeye are two of the most delicious steak options. They’re both flavorful and soft, making them a fantastic choice. But I agree with the vast majority of steak aficionados and cooks that ribeye is the superior steak cut.