Pellet Grill Smoked Brisket

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Smoked beef brisket is delicious when cooked slowly. This staple of barbecue is a national treasure because it is chewy, full of beef flavor, and can feed a lot of people.

The beef brisket is a massive chunk of meat that is the most representative of Texas barbecue. This legendary beef cut requires very little in the way of prepping (no brines or marinades) yet is the result of a day’s worth of work. But the payoff is substantial, so have faith in us.

From preparing the meat to selecting the best wood pellets, find out all you need to know about pellet grill brisket smoking.

Beef Ribs: What They Are and How They’re Made

Traditional barbecue usually consists of beef brisket. This tender cut of beef is full of flavorful fat, muscle, and connective tissue and benefits well from a slow, smoked cooking method.

Tough fibers running through the brisket give it a robust beef flavor, and as the connective tissues and fat content gently melt away on your pellet barbecue, you’re left with a wonderful mouthful of meat.

The front of the steer, known as the pectoral region, is where the brisket is cut from. Because of its strategic location, this muscle is put to good use and produces robust, tasty meat.

The brisket is made up of two separate muscles that are joined by a layer of fat. When the meat is smoked for a long time over a low flame, the fat renders, adding flavor and moisture.

Briskets that are whole can weigh up to 10 pounds, making them a task that takes a whole day to prepare. This has led some vendors to provide briskets in halves or in a flat form (the leaner and denser subprimal cut).

Pellets of Wood for Smoking

Some of the best woods to use for smoking beef brisket are hickory, oak, and mesquite. These woods have a strong smokiness and can give the meat a deep, flavorful smoke as they cook.

Since the earthy taste of mesquite wood pellets could get too strong during a long cook, we recommend using a combination of mesquite and oak pellets in a ratio of 1:1. This will make a steady flow of smoke that goes well with the more subtle and refined tones of the oakwood.

Quality matters greatly when selecting pellets to purchase. The best wood pellets for smoking are made from pressed sawdust and contain no fillers or additives. Even though some people say otherwise, not all companies that make pellet stoves only use natural hardwood in their products.