How To Put Out Charcoal Grill

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Did you know that every year, thousands of fires are caused by improperly extinguished charcoal grills? Don’t let yours be one of them.

In this article, we’ll show you the step-by-step process of safely putting out your charcoal grill. From removing hot coals to disposing of ashes properly, we’ll cover all the necessary precautions to ensure a fire-free grilling experience.

So grab your apron and let’s get started on mastering the art of putting out a charcoal grill.

Key Takeaways

  • Have necessary safety equipment (heat-resistant gloves, long-handled metal spatula, fire extinguisher)
  • Use long-handled tongs to carefully remove hot coals
  • Wait for ashes to cool completely before disposal
  • Clean the exterior and interior of the grill with mild dish soap and warm water

Safety Precautions Before Extinguishing

Before you can safely extinguish your charcoal grill, there are a few precautions you need to take.

First and foremost, make sure you have the necessary safety equipment on hand. This includes heat-resistant gloves, a long-handled metal spatula, and a fire extinguisher rated for charcoal fires. These items will help protect you and ensure a controlled and safe extinguishing process.

Secondly, proper ventilation is crucial. Open all the vents on your grill to allow for optimal airflow, which will help the coals cool down faster. Additionally, make sure you are in an open and well-ventilated outdoor area to prevent the buildup of dangerous fumes.

Taking these safety precautions will help you efficiently and safely extinguish your charcoal grill.

Removing Hot Coals

When you’re ready to remove the hot coals, you’ll want to use long-handled tongs to carefully grab and transfer them to a metal container. This is an important step in the cooling process of your charcoal grill.

Here’s how you can safely remove the hot coals:

  1. Make sure you are wearing heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands from burns.

  2. Position the metal container near the grill, ensuring it is stable and secure.

  3. Use the tongs to grab a small amount of hot coals at a time. Be cautious not to drop any coals or ashes.

  4. Carefully transfer the hot coals into the metal container. Avoid overcrowding the container to prevent any accidental fires.

By following these steps, you can safely remove the hot coals from your charcoal grill.

Disposing of Ashes Properly

To safely dispose of the ashes, you should wait until they have completely cooled down. This is an important step in fire prevention and ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

Once the ashes have cooled, carefully remove them from the grill using a metal scoop or shovel. It is crucial to handle the ashes with caution as they may still retain heat. Avoid placing the ashes in a combustible container or near any flammable materials. Instead, transfer them to a metal container specifically designated for ash disposal.

This container should be kept outside, away from any structures or vegetation. Remember to regularly empty the container to prevent the buildup of ashes. By following these simple steps, you can safely dispose of ashes and minimize the risk of fire.

Cleaning and Storing the Grill

Cleaning and storing the grill is a necessary step in maintaining its longevity and preventing rust. Proper maintenance is key to ensure that your grill stays in top shape and ready for your next cookout.

After each use, start by brushing the grates to remove any leftover food debris. Then, use a mild dish soap and warm water to clean the exterior and interior of the grill. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely to prevent moisture and rust.

Once clean, it’s important to season the grill. This involves coating the grates with a layer of cooking oil to create a non-stick surface and protect against rust.

Tips for Preventing Fires and Accidents

Make sure you always keep a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case of any accidents.

When it comes to grilling, preventing flare ups is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. Flare ups occur when fat or oil drips onto the hot coals, causing flames to shoot up and potentially ignite the surrounding area.

To prevent flare ups, make sure to trim excess fat from meats and avoid using too much oil when marinating. Additionally, keep a close eye on the grill and move the food away from any flames that may arise.

However, accidents can still happen despite taking precautions. In case of an emergency, having a fire extinguisher within reach is essential. Familiarize yourself with how to properly use a fire extinguisher, ensuring you can quickly and effectively extinguish any small fires that may occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use water to extinguish a charcoal grill?

No, it is not recommended to use water to extinguish a charcoal grill. Instead, use sand as an alternative. Once the fire is out, allow the ashes to cool completely before disposing of them properly.

How long should I wait before disposing of the ashes?

Wait at least 48 hours before disposing of the ashes to ensure they are completely cool. Safety precautions are vital, as hot ashes can cause fires. Remember, one out of every three house fires is caused by improper disposal of ashes.

Can I use a fire extinguisher to put out a charcoal grill fire?

No, it is not recommended to use a fire extinguisher to put out a charcoal grill fire. Instead, use fire extinguisher alternatives like a bucket of sand or baking soda. Afterward, properly dispose of charcoal ashes by waiting for them to cool completely before placing them in a metal container.

Is it necessary to wear gloves when removing hot coals?

When removing hot coals, wearing gloves is essential for your safety. They protect your hands from burns and provide a better grip. Additionally, consider alternative extinguishing methods such as using a bucket of sand or a fireproof container.

What should I do if the charcoal grill accidentally catches fire?

If your charcoal grill accidentally catches fire, the most important thing is to stay calm. Turn off the gas or close the vents to cut off the oxygen supply. Use a fire extinguisher or baking soda to smother the flames. Never use water. Practice fire safety to prevent grill fires.


In conclusion, putting out a charcoal grill requires careful attention to safety precautions. By removing hot coals and disposing of ashes properly, you can prevent potential fires and accidents.

Remember to clean and store the grill after each use to ensure its longevity.

With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the deliciousness of grilled food without any worries. So go ahead, extinguish that grill like a pro and let your worries melt away like a summer sunset.

Happy grilling!