Broil King vs Weber: Which Gas Grill is Better?

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Broil King and Weber are two of the most well-known brands of gas grills. It can be difficult to pick between these two businesses, which have a reputation for creating high-quality grills.

The results of our head-to-head comparison between these two grill brands should help you decide which one is ideal for you if you’re in the market for a new barbecue.

Broil King vs Weber: Quick Summary

Broil King Signet 320 vs Weber Spirit II E-310

Model Broil King Signet 320 Weber Spirit II E-310
Dimensions 56.5 x 23.2 x 48.4 inches 52 x 27 x 44.5 inches
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron Stainless Steel, Porcelain-enameled cast iron
Power Source Liquid Propane Liquid Propane
BTU-per-hour 40,000 30,000
Cooking Area 635 square inches 529 square inches
Weight 137.7 pounds 114 pounds
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Broil King Signet 320

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One of my favorite Broil King gas grills is the Signet 320. This gas grill has received rave reviews from many customers who claim it to be the best on the market.

There are three stainless-steel gas burners and 40,000 BTUs of cooking capacity, so you can cook up steaks, burgers, and sausages to your heart’s content with plenty of heat to spare. The Broil King Signet 320 is a versatile grill that lets you prepare your food quickly.

Because of the Flav-R-Wave system, the Broil King Signet 320 produces even heat dispersion throughout the grill. You may infuse your meat with even more flavor by using Flav-R-Wave to collect any drips and allow them to evaporate into your food while it cooks. There will be no more dry steak, chicken, or sausage in your BBQ.

With 635 square feet of cooking space, you’ll be able to cook up a storm in no time at all.

Weber Spirit II E-310

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The entry-level Weber gas grill, the Spirit II E-310, has all the high-end features you’d expect from a Weber. With 529 square inches of cooking space, you can fry up your favorite porterhouse steaks and chicken burgers without having to pack or cram.

A total of three burners also provides an impressive 30,000 BTU output. Cast-iron cooking grates with porcelain enamel and stainless steel burners offer an even heat distribution.

An extensive 10-year warranty covers all grill parts against rust and burn-through. As a result, you may put your best homestead cooking and grilling techniques to use without having to worry about your grill’s longevity.

The Weber Spirit II E-310 is an excellent grill for efficient cooking equipment.

Broil King Regal S520 vs Weber Genesis II S-435

Model Broil King Regal S520 Weber Genesis II S-435
Dimensions 62.5 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches 65 x 29 x 47 inches
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel, Porcelain-enameled cast iron
Power Source Liquid Propane Liquid Propane
BTU-per-hour 55,000 69,000
Cooking Area 875 square inches 844 square inches
Weight 193.6 pounds 176 Pounds
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Broil King Regal S520

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The Broil King Regal S520 has a 40,000 BTU output and 875 square inches of cooking area. It’s perfect for a get-together for a birthday, a holiday weekend, or another occasion.

This grill’s tube burners are also quite appealing to me. The burners heat up quickly and evenly.

Cooking grids made of the solid rod 9mm stainless steel are up to 56% heavier than those found in comparable grills, offering excellent heat retention and bold sear marks.

It is designed to feed a crowd – with an easy-to-clean design and a large grease pan, and this is the ideal grill for a large family or group.

Weber Genesis II S-435

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The Weber Genesis II S-435 is an excellent choice if you want to feed your hungry dinner guests at record speed.

With 69,000 BTUs and four stainless steel burners, the Weber Genesis II S-435 is a beast. Additionally, there is a searing station for your hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, shish kebabs, corn on the cob, and honey-glazed chicken, all of which may be quickly seared.

The 7mm diameter solid stainless steel rod cooking grates are great for the perfectionist griller because of their precise heat distribution. As a bonus, the Genesis II S-435 has an easy-to-read fuel gauge to see how much fuel is left in the tank(Liquid propane only).

The Genesis II S-435 has an ample cooking area of 844 square inches (including the tuck-away warming rack), so you can prepare a feast for the whole family.

Broil King Regal S590 Pro vs Weber Summit S-470

Model Broil King Regal S590 Pro Weber Summit S-470
Dimensions 62.5 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches 66 x 26.5 x 50.5 inches
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Power Source Liquid Propane Liquid Propane
BTU-per-hour 80,000 78,200
Cooking Area 825 square inches 580 square inches
Weight 217 pounds 245 pounds
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Broil King Regal S590 Pro

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The Broil King Regal S590 Pro has five 55,000 BTU main burners, a 10,000 BTU side burner, and a 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner. The heat output in total is 80,000 BTUs.

The primary cooking area is 625 square inches. When you include the warming rack and side burners, the overall cooking area is 825 square inches.

The Regal S590 Pro has Broil King’s Performance Grilling Technology (PGT), which helps you cook the perfect steak, juicy hamburgers, and luscious chicken and chops.

The S590’s stainless steel cooking grates retain heat well and require little maintenance. They are also porcelain-coated, making cleaning a breeze as the meat flakes wipe off or slip into the stainless steel dual-tube burners. They will also evaporate the droppings to produce a characteristic smoky flavor.

It contains four casters, making it a little easier to move around if necessary. It even has blue LED-lit control knobs to make cooking at night a breeze. 

Overall, the Broil King Regal S590 Pro is perfect for family barbecues. 

Weber Summit S-470

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The Weber Summit S-470 is a gas grill from Weber’s high-end Summit series.

It has a cabinet-style design, with twin cabinet doors beneath the main firebox. This model incorporates a smoker burner with an integrated box for holding wood chips in addition to the conventional side burner.

The grill is stainless steel from the welded frame to the grease tray. The burners and Flavorizer Bars are stainless steel. The lid is solid and well-designed, keeping the heat inside the firebox.

The primary cooking area has four stainless steel burners, each with a 12,200 BTU output. The side burner adds 12,00 BTUs per hour, while the sear and infrared rotisserie burners each provide 10,600 BTUs. The smoker burner adds 6800 BTUs to the total.

Weber offers 9-millimeter stainless steel rod cooking grates for this model. They heat up quickly, provide excellent grill marks, and are easy to clean.

The Summit S-470’s primary cooking surface is 468 square inches, easily accommodating 22 hamburger patties. The higher warming rack adds 112 square inches.

Weber Summit has a 10-year warranty. No other grill manufacturer offers this level of coverage.

Remember that the warranty does not cover improperly used parts or parts worn out due to normal wear and tear. However, if any grill element or system is broken upon arrival, the company will repair it free of charge.

About Broil King

Broil King Logo

Onward Manufacturing Company’s subsidiary, Broil King, is a well-known barbeque brand. Founded in 1906, Onward is a Canadian-owned firm with a 30-year-old Broil King subsidiary.

Quality gas grills are the core focus of Broil King’s business. In Canada, they’ve sold millions of units of their grills, and they’re gaining traction in the American market as well.

As a proud American company, Broil King sells only American-made grills. Waterloo, Ontario, and Huntington, Indiana, both produce gas grills. Each location has a large and well-equipped manufacturing plant in response to rising demand.

About Weber

weber grill logo

In 1952, while working for Weber Brother Metal Works in Chicago, George Stephen invented the “kettle” grill, which became the basis for all subsequent Weber grills. The buoy-like shape influenced him.

Weber is one of the leading manufacturers of gas grills (alongside numerous other products and types of grills).

They keep their focus on innovation and remain committed to high-quality production and performance at Weber.

Things to Consider When Comparing Broil King vs Weber

As with any major purchase, there are several factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new barbecue. We considered these factors when comparing each grill to discover the best one for you.

Burners and BTUs

When shopping for a new grill, the first thing to think about is how many burners and how much heat each one should produce. There is a direct correlation between the number of burners and BTU production. The higher the BTUs, the faster the food will cook, but the more fuel.

Cooking Area

It would help if you also thought about the grill’s cooking surface area before making a final decision. A primary cooking area and a complete cooking area are often separated. With so much going on in a kitchen, it’s best to focus on the core cooking area. However, although warming racks might be handy, they shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Grilling System

The grill cooking system has three main components: grates, burners, and any bars used to cover the burners. It can also include any heat-control mechanisms installed in the cook box.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the grill you choose should be considered, even if it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you’re shopping for a barbecue. For obvious reasons, an enormous backyard allows for the installation of a more extensive barbeque. It’s possible to bring a barbecue with you to tailgating and other social events if you select a lighter model.


If something goes wrong with your washer or grill, you should always search for a solid warranty to protect yourself from the typical wear and tear that comes with owning either one. Because both Broil King and Weber are known for their quality goods, it shouldn’t be a problem for any model.

Unique Features

This list of features might convince you that you don’t need all of the extra bells and whistles of a grill, after all. When it comes to barbecues, Weber and Broil King both have some cutting-edge features that can make your life easier while also enhancing the flavor of your food.


Regardless of the griller’s skill level or style, I think both Broil King and Weber are excellent selections. Whether you need a little gas grill for a backyard barbecue or a large industrial grill, either brand may suit your demands.

The primary distinctions, I believe, are reviews and fame. If you value honest client feedback, Weber is the safer bet. Please don’t take my word for it. You can read the reviews. Examine each manufacturer’s 5-star reviews. Weber has so many more.

Even though I love Broil King, I go with Weber. It’s hard to beat Weber for the most fantastic American-made grills, with the stellar build quality and reviews.