Best Portable Grills for the Beach

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a portable grill for beach cookouts! It’s a unique experience to eat char-grilled meals on the beach. With so many options on the market, picking the best grill for your beach outings might be challenging. 

We’ve compiled some of the best portable grills for the beach and a buyer’s guide to help you decide which is suitable for you.

Best Portable Grills for the Beach: Quick Summary

  1. Weber Smokey Joe
  2. Weber Original Kettle
  3. Weber Q 2200
  4. Cuisinart CGG-180
  5. Coleman RoadTrip 285

Weber Smokey Joe

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The Weber Smokey Joe is a popular portable grill because it provides a distinct smokey flavor to meals that so many people enjoy. A miniature replica of Weber’s famously popular charcoal grill, this portable grill is the ideal cooking equipment to carry with you when you’re on the beach.

It is 14 inches wide and has 147 square inches of grate space. An ash catcher made of aluminum sits below the four vents and helps regulate airflow. If you’re a fan of Weber’s full-size kettle grill, it is your choice. 

It comes with a 10-year warranty for the bowl and lid, a 5-year warranty for the cleaning system and plastic components, and a 2-year warranty for all remaining parts.

Weber Original Kettle

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It’s hard to beat the Weber for simplicity and versatility. The design of the Weber Original Kettle is well-known to a large portion of the population.

The cooking space is 363 square inches, which is more than enough for most families or groups of similar size. It boasts a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl for heat retention and a one-touch ash cleanup system. It’s also handy to have a lid hook so that you don’t have to put your lid down on the ground while grilling.

The grate is made of plated steel, which retains heat and is easy to clean. It is possible to manage the grill temperature without lifting the cover by changing its dampers. Additionally, by closing these dampers, oxygen will be cut off, aiding in the process of putting out a fire.

This grill features a heat barrier to keep the lid handle from becoming too hot. It is also equipped with rugged wheels that make it easy to move and survive exposure to the outdoors.

The warranty is the same as the Weber Smokey Joe. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your money is safe and secure. It is one of the best and most user-friendly options available.

Weber Q 2200

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It’s a terrific way to spend quality time with family and friends while also eating some of your favorite, freshest ingredients by the beach.

Because traditional grills are challenging to bring to the beach, the Weber Q 2200 was designed to be a portable BBQ. You can use this barbecue for beach getaways, camping, and backyard fun.

To ensure that food is cooked evenly, the cast-iron cooking grates on this product deliver high and level heat. Cast aluminum body and lid provide excellent heat retention, allowing the grill to maintain a consistent temperature even under heavy use.

Easy to clean and avoid grease buildup, this grill’s retractable catch pan makes it sanitary and safe to cook. The electrical ignition, which is simple to use and prevents fumes from building up inside the grill when it is being lit, is another safety feature.

Using this grill, you may easily manage the temperature using the infinite control burner valve. The folding tables on the sides of this product make prepping food a breeze and ensure that everything you need is within easy reach when you’re grilling.

A quick lunch on this grill is the perfect solution when everyone is starving. When the food is done, open the grill’s cover and allow it to cool down. It will enable you to close the grill and store it out of the way.

The nylon frame of this grill is glass-reinforced, which adds strength and durability. As a result, the grill’s structure won’t flex or buckle during usage or transportation, extending the grill’s lifespan and reducing the need for customers to purchase new parts.

Cuisinart CGG-180

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The Cuisinart CGG-180 is lightweight and portable, ideal for on-the-go cooking. It’s so light that you can carry it in one hand.

Due to its size, you could expect the cooking surface to be minor, and it doesn’t allow for a lot of food to be cooked simultaneously. This grill’s 160 square inches of grilling space can serve up to 6 people.

Due to the briefcase design, you can easily transport this grill to any location. It’s ready to go when you are.

It’s hard to beat this Cuisinart grill’s versatility when grilling. You can use a table or extended legs to keep it stable in almost any location. Many satisfied customers have praised this stand’s adjustable height and placement options.

Coleman RoadTrip 285

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The Coleman Roadtrip 285 portable grill might be a good choice if you seek a fantastic cooking and conveniently portable grill for your beach getaways.

Coleman is recognized for producing high-quality camping gear, and they used their experience to create this grill. It’s lightweight, simple to use, and quick to assemble or disassemble, with quick-fold legs for when you don’t have a level surface.

The three adjustable burners are powered by propane from a 1 pound cylinder, the grill’s principal power source. Its maximum grilling capacity is 20,000 BTUs, and you can control the temperature on any of the three burners to suit your cooking demands. It has cast iron cooking grates that are porcelain-coated and maintain heat efficiently.

The ignition is straightforward, requiring only a push of a button. There are 285 square inches of cooking space in the grilling area. The lid has an inbuilt thermometer for keeping track of the internal temperature.

With enough grilling area to easily feed your family, the Coleman Roadtrip 285 is an excellent choice for your cookout on the beach.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Portable Grills for the Beach

On-the-go grilling is an excellent method to enjoy tasty food when camping or picnics at the beach. However, getting the perfect char on your favorite foods can be challenging without the proper grill. 

Here are the factors to look for when purchasing the best beach barbecue for your next vacation.

Type of Grill

There are two grills for portable barbecues: charcoal grills and gas grills.

Whether you go with charcoal or gas is entirely up to you, but there are a few considerations before final selection.

For the most part, in a small town, you can obtain charcoal much more quickly in a store, making charcoal grills potentially easier to use. With a charcoal grill, indirect heat cooking is also simple.

In contrast, those who have previously used gas grills and are looking for more control are more likely to prefer a gas grill.

In this situation, they may want to think about stocking up on propane in advance to enjoy grilling on the fly. For this reason, portable charcoal grills are so popular because propane tanks can be inconvenient to carry on a trip.


The grill’s BTU output influences the amount of heat output you may expect. You can expect a higher cooking temperature for a gas grill if you choose one with a higher BTU rating. Remember that a grill with greater BTUs will use more fuel, which will have more cost.

Cooking Area

When looking for a portable grill for the beach, one of the essential factors is the grill’s cooking surface area. Because most portable barbecues are so small, they can only accommodate two to four people at a time, grilling for a larger group will require more time and effort.

If you’re cooking for a large group, you’ll want a grill with enough cooking space to do the job quickly and efficiently. Smaller grills with 200 inches of grilling space are available, while larger models with more than 300 inches of grilling space are also available.

Depending on how many people you plan to feed at the beach, the size of this cooking space will decide how much food you can cook at once.

Temperature Control

The ability to adjust and control the burners on a gas grill is critical to ensuring an even cook without the risk of overcooking or overheating food. A burner that you can’t adjust easily runs hot or cold more quickly than a charcoal barbecue, where you can shove the coals to one side.

It’s critical that you swiftly adjust the grill’s temperature and that it responds consistently.

Resistance to Wind

Choosing the best portable grill for outdoor grilling requires consideration of the wind resistance of its design. A thick and robust material should be used for the grill’s sides, bottom, and lid, as this will aid in heat retention and minimize the effects of wind on the cooking process. To ensure that your food cooks evenly and at a consistent temperature, you need a grill resistant to the impact of wind.


Some features of a portable grill, such as a quick igniting system and a built-in thermometer, can make it more convenient to use. Some portable grills have an additional warming rack, which will keep the cooked food warm.


It’s all about personal preference for picking a portable grill for your next beach holiday. With this guide, you’ll be able to choose the best portable grills for the beach to suit your needs and last for many beach trips to come.